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Anthony Bourdain, 61 Years Young, Is Insanely Ripped

For a guy whose job is, in large part, eating his way around the globe, you’d think Anthony Bourdain might be rocking a little bit of a dad bod. He is 61, after all, and like we said, all that eating. You would think that, but it turns out you would be wrong.

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Bourdain is insanely ripped. Like, abs-up-to-his-nipples ripped. And he’s not afraid to show off his decidedly not dad bod.

Bourdain and his girlfriend, Asia Argento, are on vacation in Italy right now, because of course they are, and being in Italy means chilling poolside, which they both did — with their ridiculously rockin’ bodies. Bourdain, dressed in nothing but a pair of navy shorts and some sunglasses, has a six-pack like you’d expect on a pro athlete, not a 61-year-old food show host. Seriously, what is his workout plan like? We need answers.

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Argento, who is quite a bit younger than Bourdain at only 42, is equally fit. She has a six-pack of her own, and seriously, we need to know how people who eat so much amazing food look that good. What is their secret? These two could make a fortune with a new show about how they eat and travel and still stay fit as heck. Scrap Parts Unknown. This is what the people actually want to watch.

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Bourdain and Argento, who started dating earlier this year, were in Italy to celebrate her birthday. She’s from Italy, so they celebrated with her kids and extended family, who all live there. Bourdain got to join in on the festivities, but honestly, who wouldn’t want those abs at their party? Bourdain is hereby invited to every party I ever host — but only if he shows up shirtless.

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