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Your Favorite GoT Stars Are in Lots of Other Movies & TV Shows

You guys, we need to talk about the amount of sheer talent that collectively exists on Game of Thrones right now. GoT has such an amazing combination of seasoned actors, eager young actors breaking big and reliably enjoyable performers that we can count on to deliver solid performances. Basically, this cast is just too good and too talented to stay confined to GoT.

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Thankfully for us, casting directors hither and yon feel the same way since they seem to continue to cast all of our GoT faves in films and TV shows that let us bask in the glory and talent of these actors without having to turn on HBO. Here are some of the other memorable places your favorite GoT actors have appeared before, after and during their time on GoT.

Kit Harington

Kit Harington’s career is slowly gaining momentum thanks to his role as Jon Snow on GoT. He’ll soon be starring in the TV series Gunpowder (which you should watch to quell the feelings that come with missing GoT), and he’s also popped up in films like How to Train Your Dragon, the action film MI-5 and the U.K. romance Testament of Youth.

Emilia Clarke

GoT made Emilia Clarke a household name, but there’s no doubt that she’s popping up in a ton of exciting projects outside the show. This includes roles in the romance Me Before You, the action-adventure Terminator Genisys and the horror film Voice from the Stone.

Lena Headey

Lena Headey’s been playing tough, badass women for a while now, so don’t mistake Cersei Lannister as her first foray into this kind of role. Previous to GoT, she made a name for herself starring in the TV show The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before moving on to films like 300 and The Purge.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau loves to play the hero, the cad and the conqueror even when he’s not wearing Jaime Lannister’s armor. Aside from GoT, Coster-Waldau has popped up as a cheating husband in The Other Woman, as the cheeky best friend in rom-com Wimbledon and, of course, the now-infamous role of an Egyptian god in Gods of Egypt.

Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon’s role on GoT had to be the most savage we’d ever seen him, because he doesn’t typically play such awful, awful dudes like Ramsay Bolton. Sure, he plays the antagonist in the upcoming Marvel TV show Inhumans, but his character has nothing on Ramsay. For the softer side of Rheon, why not take a look at his work on Misfits, the U.K. TV show that helped him break out?

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Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie has been putting her height and the strength she regularly exhibits on screen on GoT to good use outside the hit TV show. Her most notable non-GoT role to date has to be as Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but she’s also appeared in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and Top of the Lake: China Girl, both times playing tough women in charge who know how to get things done.

Sean Bean

Sean Bean’s résumé would astound you. Before GoT, he was popping up all over the place: Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, The Hitcher, The Island and North Country were just some of the American hits this English actor appeared in. But audiences might know him best from a fantasy franchise similar to GoT: Lord of the Rings.

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams is a star on the rise thanks to her role as Arya Stark on GoT. However, she’s been popping up in films and TV shows all over the place since she broke out onto the scene, including the U.K. films iBoy and The Falling as well as the massive hit sci-fi TV show Doctor Who.

Richard Madden

He may be long gone on GoT, but actor Richard Madden — known as Robb Stark on the show — is working hard in film, television and theater. Following his time on GoT, Madden has appeared in a newly staged adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, on the TV show Medici: Masters of Florence and, most notably, was the handsome Prince in Disney’s Cinderella.

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage was an established actor well before he arrived on the GoT set. Previous to GoT, he could be seen in films and TV shows like Elf, The Station Agent and Nip/Tuck. Following his success on GoT, Dinklage has appeared in a slew of hit films, including The Boss alongside Melissa McCarthy and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Rory McCann

As The Hound, actor Rory McCann can come off quite gruff and volatile. However, he doesn’t always play The Hound-types when he appears in films and TV shows. Look at his role in the comedy Hot Fuzz, where he plays a Hodor-esque henchman.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is another star on the rise, like her bestie Williams, thanks to GoT. She’s been popping up in film and television all over the place since her debut as Sansa Stark in 2011. She can also be seen in films like Barely Lethal and Alone but to date, her most notable non-GoT role has to be as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse.

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Conleth Hill

He may be most recognizable these days as a bald man in robes, but actor Conleth Hill has a much more varied career outside GoT. He’s appeared in films like Salmon Fishing in Yemen and Whatever Works, and you may recognize him most from the TV show Suits.

Liam Cunningham

Before he was the moody, tender-hearted Davos Seaworth, Liam Cunningham was popping up in a variety of television shows and films, most prominently in the U.K. There, Cunningham appeared in projects like Murphy’s Law, Hotel Babylon, Hunger and The Wind That Shakes The Barley. But for fans of his that may not recognize those U.K. titles, perhaps you’ll remember him from the classic kid’s movie A Little Princess.

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