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Mandy Moore’s Engagement Party Was So Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore might be a superstar (especially since This Is Us became the phenomenon that it is), but she’s still one of the most humble and down-to-earth stars in Hollywood. Need proof? Look no further than the engagement party she had over the weekend, which was very chill and not too far off from what one of us might plan if we had an engagement party.

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Seriously, Moore’s engagement party could have been anyone’s engagement party.

There was wine and silly bunting decorations that spelled out Moore’s name as well as her fiancé’s, musician Taylor Goldsmith.

mandy moore engagement party
Image: Mandy Moore/Instagram

There were silly games of Pictionary with friends.

mandy moore engagement party
Image: Mandy Moore/Instagram

There was this goofy Mad Libs-looking game:

mandy moore engagement party
Image: Mandy Moore/Instagram

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Basically, Moore had a totally normal, achievable tea party to celebrate her engagement. Any one of us could have thrown this party. There were no frills and it wasn’t expensive or extravagant. It was just a simple, fun celebration with friends. Ugh, just when we thought we couldn’t love Moore any more than we already do.

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Moore and Goldsmith have been dating since 2015. They keep their personal life pretty quiet. Even though Moore was the one who initially sparked engagement rumors last month by wearing her ring in public, it was her This Is Us co-star Jon Huertas who officially broke the news.

Moore posted one photo to her Instagram to commemorate the activities, thanking the friends who helped organize the party.

“My heart bursts for each and every one of these ladies,” she wrote. “If you are the company you keep, then I am in excellent standing.”

Congrats to Moore and Goldsmith!

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