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Our Favorite Jack & Karen Moments From the OG Will & Grace

In 1998, a little sitcom about four friends premiered on NBC. And while it may have been called Will & Grace, true fans know that the two friends whose names didn’t make the title often stole the show. The hit series simply wouldn’t have been the same without Jack and Karen’s irreverent humor, total self-involvement outside of their friendship with each other and their countless shenanigans.

Now that we’re finally getting the revival true fans have been dreaming about for decades, we can’t wait to see what new trouble these hilarious fictional BFFs manage to stir up. In anticipation, join us as we celebrate some of their classic moments from the OG series.

1. When Jack visited the Bank of Karen

Can we talk about how we all need a Bank of Karen in our lives? Raise your hand if you’d totally spend your Saturday at a Barneys sale with these two. *raises both hands*

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2. When they bumped stomachs

This is essentially one of the first things Jack and Karen did when they met each other in Grace’s office, and it carried throughout the series. Belly bump? Yes, please.

3. When she fake-fought for him

When Jack’s mom — who didn’t know he was gay — visits, Grace pretends to be his ex-girlfriend. Only Karen gets territorial and claims she slept with him too. Naturally, hilarity ensues.

4. When they got ahold of helium

Leave it to Jack and Karen to turn typically torturous hours waiting around at a hospital into a helium-fueled good time.

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5. When they had a slapfest

If you can watch this scene without bursting into a fit of laughter, you’re made of steel, my friend.

6. When Jack taught Karen to dance

“Don’t I know it — my grandfather was one of the first ballerinas to land on the beach at Normandy. In fact, D-Day stands for Dance Day.” Literally, we can’t even.

7. When they waged war

Even when Jack and Karen were at odds, they were still hilarious. Jack’s extortion list could not be more Jack-ish. In other words, it was totally ridiculous.

8. When they took a pregnancy test

Although this moment still had their trademark irreverence, it was one of the pair’s most surprisingly vulnerable times together.

9. When Karen gets turned on by Jack’s erotic fiction

After a tough breakup, Jack tries his hand at writing a Harlequin romance novel. Surprisingly, Karen cannot get enough of the (slightly comical) erotica.

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10. When they gave decorating a try

If there is one thing you can count on from Jack and Karen, it’s that they’ll be insensitive to the point of insulting. And yet, we still can’t stop laughing.

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