Dean Unglert Is Low-Key Courting Kristina Schulman Again

Even though Bachelor in Paradise is a platform that clearly encourages rapid-fire relationships, Bachelor Nation fans couldn’t get past Season 4’s now-infamous love triangle between Dean Unglert, Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. And, based on Unglert’s accidentally revealed whereabouts, it’s clear he can’t get past it, either. But which lovely lady is “Deanie Baby” suspected to be seeing on the sly?

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Here’s the latest and greatest news regarding this tangled web of love.

In a now-deleted Snap story, Unglert inadvertently shared his location while taking a picture of a dog with its head sticking out of a car window (Dean loves dogs almost as much as Ben Z. does, ICYMI). Fairly standard practice in the transparent world of social media, right?

Dean Michael Unglert
Image: Dean Unglert/Snapchat

Only the astute people of the internet were quick to point out Unglert’s extremely close proximity to none other than Kristina Schulman.

One Bachelor sub-Redditor connected the dots for the rest of us: Armstrong Mill Road, where Unglert’s Snap was posted, is in Lexington, Kentucky. Thanks to the constant references on BIP to “the break” in production, we all know that Unglert spent that time with Schulman… in her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.

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Once this information became public fodder, Unglert deleted the Snap story. Of course, this only intensified the interest surrounding his whereabouts, because why hide it? He has openly expressed his interest in reconnecting with Schulman and rebuilding their trust. So, who cares if everyone knows you’re visiting her, bruh?

Unless, that is, Unglert cares about one person in particular seeing it: Lombard. Given the trio’s unique history, it’s entirely possible that Unglert and Schulman simply don’t want to rub salt in the wound, so to speak. After all, Lombard’s recent comments to Us Weekly prove she’s already extra-salty about Unglert.

And, yes, there’s a remote possibility Unglert is living up to his “fuckboy” ways by seeing Schulman on the sly and trying to keep it covert. This seems unlikely, though, since Lombard revealed on Ben H. and Ashley I.’s Almost Famous podcast that he’s “trying to work things out with Kristina.”

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According to E! News‘ intel — not to mention Unglert’s Snap story — it would seem the former Bachelorette contestant is currently courting Schulman again. Per E!, the on-again/off-again couple reunited this week to spend some quality time together.

Oh, Deanie… in the sage words of Fergie, don’t phunk with our hearts.


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