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What Happened the Day Justin Trudeau Wore Chewbacca Socks

One of the best things that’s happened to men’s fashion in recent years is the widespread acceptance of fun colored, patterned or themed socks with business attire. Even the most professional of professionals can pull off a wacky pair of socks these days.

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Take Justin Trudeau for example. He’s just the leader of one of the most advanced countries in the world. He spends his days rubbing elbows with all kinds of big name dignitaries and world leaders. And the other day, when he took part in the very serious Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, he sported socks that peeked out of the bottoms of his well-fitted slacks with Chewbacca faces on display for all to see.

Image: John Moore/Getty Images

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Unsurprisingly, the internet basically couldn’t handle this.

Even Star Wars actor Mark Hamill weighed in.

And Star Trek star William Shatner shared his heartbreak with the world that Trudeau has clearly chosen a side in the geek wars between the two franchises.

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Yep, you heard it straight from the Canadian Prime Minister: Star Wars > Star Trek.

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