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People Think Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Are Faking Their Engagement

Some people (ahem, Wendy Williams) clearly didn’t tune in for the last season of The Bachelorette. Leading lady Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé, Bryan Abasolo, appeared on Williams’ show this week, and they had a heck of a time convincing the host that they’re actually in a real relationship.

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The first sign of Williams’ skepticism came when she asked Lindsay if they’ve set a date yet.

“I’m thinking next year. Fall of next year. Maybe the winter. We’re not going to rush it,” Lindsay replied, to which Williams said, without missing a beat, “Because you rushed the engagement.” Brutal.

Lindsay talking about the pressure she felt being the first black woman to helm the show also got a salty reaction from Williams.

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“It was like, how do you turn down the opportunity to represent yourself as an African-American woman in a positive way when we’ve been so underrepresented in this franchise? And to find love?” Lindsay said.

Williams replied, “No, you had a chance to be in TV and on every magazine is what I’m thinking.” Ouch.

Lindsay even offered Williams an invitation to the wedding, which, bless her, because if I were in Lindsay’s place, I’d have been throwing punches by then.

While Williams has her doubts, Lindsay and Abasolo revealed they’re taking the next big step in their relationship very soon: They’re moving to California together. They didn’t reveal why they chose California for their shared home since neither of them is from the Golden State, but the internet already has its theories. Their proximity to Hollywood must mean there’s a spinoff series in the works, right?

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Now let’s just hope it’s better than Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

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