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Bill O’Reilly Sat Down With Matt Lauer to Address Sexual Harassment Claims

Just when you thought we were done with Bill O’Reilly, he’s back in the news. It’s been months since he was unceremoniously let go from his job at Fox News amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment spanning his entire career that were made against him. Now he’s back, and he still insists that the claims from at least five different women (that Fox settled with for millions of dollars) were part of a big ol’ conspiracy to get him out of the political arena.

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“It goes to credibility, doesn’t it?” he told Matt Lauer in a new interview, not seeming to understand how credibility works in a his-word-against-multiple-other-people’s kind of situation. “This was a hit job. A political and financial hit job.”

This kind of statement is not exactly surprising, especially coming from O’Reilly. He at least seems to have come to some amount of peace with it, telling himself that Fox News made the decision to fire him based on only money. That’s probably at least partly true since more than 50 advertisers refused to work with his show after the allegations came to light.

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“They had a contractual clause that they could pay me a certain amount of money and not put me on air. And they exercised that clause,” O’Reilly said. “There are billions of dollars at stake, and they made a business decision that they could possibly prosper more without me. It was as simple as that.”

O’Reilly, however, still absolutely maintains that he did “absolutely nothing wrong,” and that, “not in 42 years… did I have any interaction with HR or any complaints filed against [me].”

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You know, except the multiple unconnected reports of sexual harassment that got him fired. But he’s clearly not counting those.

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