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James Corden Kind of Apologized for Kissing Sean Spicer After the Emmys

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer shook up the internet Sunday night when he made a surprise appearance at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards. However, having to watch Spicer roll out on the stage on a podium (just like Melissa McCarthy once did on SNL when she was impersonating him) left a bad taste in the mouths of people watching at home. But weirdly, didn’t seem to bother the celebs at the Emmys whatsoever. Celebrities lined up after the awards to talk to and get pictures with Spicer, giving what some people thought was undue positive attention to a man whom they believe did more harm than good during his short tenure as press secretary.

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But there’s one star who’s apologizing for associating with Spicer at the Emmys… sort of. Despite looking very chill and OK with Spicer at an Emmys after-party, Corden apologized for hanging out with Spicer and for the way that photo looked to the public on The Late Late Show.

However, the apology was a bit of a half-hearted non-apology that didn’t really carry much weight. He began with a bit of a joke: “According to some reports at the after-party, Spicer was the most popular guy in the room. And I just wanna say, I think people are forgetting this man lied to the American people and should not be embraced. These Hollywood phonies kissing up to Spicer are disgusting, I mean, who did this, who are we talking about here?” at which point a photo of himself attempting to kiss Spicer on the cheek appeared on the screen.

Corden continued on, taking a bit more of a serious tone. “Understandably, some people have been disappointed by this photo. In truth, I’m disappointed as well. I’ve been reading a lot of harsh comments on Twitter and I hear you, I really do, so much so that I’m starting to regret that Carpool Karaoke we taped with Steve Bannon… feels like a mistake today.” Corden ended this pseudo-apology by saying, “Basically, what I’m saying is, I need to learn how to shake hands.”

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Corden’s apology didn’t go over well. Twitter’s reactions to the late-night host’s humanization of Spicer haven’t been great so far.

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Corden’s ability to make light of his interaction with Spicer is clearly disheartening to some, but then again, so is the fact that Spicer appeared on the Emmys at all.

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