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Apparently Kim Kardashian West Wants to Be an American Idol Judge

Word on the street is Kim Kardashian West is in the running to be a judge on the American Idol reboot.

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Celebuzz is reporting Kardashian West’s friendship with host and producer Ryan Seacrest actually has the network seriously considering the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

The reboot is in desperate need of star power, after all, since it’s reportedly struggled to find judges to secure on the panel.

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There is even talk of delaying the show for another season since ABC appears to be scrambling. They’ve apparently inked a deal with Katy Perry, but their attempts to negotiate with Lionel Richie aren’t going well since Richie wants more money than the network in willing to pay. Charlie Puth and Luke Bryan are a few other names the network is reportedly after, but they had some embarrassing setbacks when famous alums Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson declined to be involved. The ladies opted to join rival singing competition show The Voice instead.

A source who spoke with Celebrity Insider said Seacrest isn’t looking to keep the American Idol reboot format the same as before. The source said Seacrest is worried about the show feeling dated, but he thinks having Kardashian West on the show would be a “game changer.”

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“Promotion and social media are now just as important to being a successful artist as singing, and no one knows that world better than his pal Kim,” the source said. “People might moan at first that she does not have experience with music but they did the same thing when Heidi Klum joined the panel at America’s Got Talent.

Do you think Kim Kardashian West could be the star name that puts American Idol back on the right track?

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