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The FBI’s Getting Involved in Kevin Hart’s Blackmail Case & Cheating Scandal

After months of cheating rumors flying around Kevin Hart, the comedian posted an Instagram video yesterday confirming he had not only made “mistakes,” but that because of those mistakes, he was being blackmailed.

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“You know, I’m not perfect. I’m not going to sit up here and say that I am or claim to be in any way shape or form. And I made a bad error in judgment, and I put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen, and they did,” Hart explained in the video. “And in doing that, I know that I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who I’ve talked to and apologized to… my wife and my kids.”

Hart added, “At the end of the day, man, I’ve just simply gotta do better. But I’m also not going to allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes. And in this particular situation that’s what was attempted.”

According to TMZ, someone was using a video of Hart in a sexual situation with a woman — not his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish — in order to blackmail the star into giving him or her millions of dollars. The outlet also reports the FBI is involved in the blackmail investigation.

Hart said he would rather confess to his indiscretions than be threatened.

TMZ adds the FBI already has a suspect in the case.

It is unclear as of now if Hart knew the video was being recorded. If he didn’t, then such a recording could be illegal. Add in the blackmail charges, and whoever is responsible for the blackmail attempt might be in a lot of trouble.

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Of course, that doesn’t absolve Hart, who has recognized he has some things to work on.

“I gotta do better and I will,” Hart wrote on Instagram.

Cheating rumors involving Hart surfaced over the summer after he was allegedly photographed with another woman he met at a Miami Beach nightclub. At the time, Hart laughed off the rumors.

According to People, Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, also claimed Hart cheated on her with his current wife, Parrish, prior to their divorce.

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Parrish responded to Torrei by writing online, “Their marriage was broken way before I came in the picture. They were separated living in separate homes. I was never a secret.”

Parrish is reportedly standing by her man throughout this ordeal.

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