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Shonda Rhimes Launches Website, Continues to Take Over the World

Shonda Rhimes continues to amaze us with her forward-thinking vision and tireless work ethic. On Monday, Sept. 18, Rhimes introduced us to her website, Shondaland, which seems to be yet another stepping-stone in Rhimes’ push as a leader in media and for women in the workplace. According to Cosmopolitan, Shondaland “promises to be a place for articles and videos about politics, culture, style, health and relationships. There will be interviews, advice columns, essays, and more, brought to you by Rhimes and a team of writers.” The site will be perfect for eternal fans of Rhimes and her shows as well as those who are looking for a place to better explore the many worlds Rhimes has created.

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According to the site’s chief content officer, Jennifer Romolini, the site is an extension of Rhimes’ brand and voice, and it should be considered a great gathering space for all fans and newbies to the Shondaland world. “We want to showcase voices and women and issues that we think are important, and that’s basically our content plan,” Romolini told Cosmopolitan.

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Interestingly, while the site will provide original content that explores various areas of women’s lifestyle and entertainment interests, the site will also act as a personal space for Rhimes to discuss her work with her fans. Cosmopolitan‘s initial report includes a mention that Rhimes will be letting readers in on the final season of Scandal as the show comes to a close, which could mean bonus material and features for avid watchers of the show.

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In case you were nervous Rhimes would just go into hibernation because Scandal was winding down or her other properties are enjoying a comfortable and successful spot on television, think again. Rhimes is still set on world domination, and her latest endeavor, Shondaland, is emblematic of that.

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