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Heather Locklear Injured in Car Accident

Heather Locklear was hospitalized in California with minor injuries after a car crash, police confirmed to multiple news agencies. She was the only person involved in the accident, which was listed as a “solo vehicle collision in the 700 block of Country Valley Road” on a police report.

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The crash reportedly happened Thursday at around 5:40 p.m., and Ventura County Sheriff’s Department representatives told reporters that Locklear was transported to Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks. Her condition at this time is not known, but police did describe her injuries as minor.

Police say Locklear’s Porsche Carrera “left the roadway and went down a five to six foot ditch.” The speed limit on the road where Locklear crashed is 25 to 35 mph, police confirmed, but they did not say whether Locklear was speeding at the time of her accident.

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Little information was immediately available, but at this point, police have said that they don’t think drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

A police spokesperson also said reports that Locklear was on a cell phone when she crashed are false. “We have to ask the questions if you were wearing your seatbelt and you were on your cell phone,” a public information officer told Entertainment Tonight, but it appeared that Locklear wasn’t breaking any laws that caused her crash.

Even though Locklear didn’t appear to be doing anything illegal, the public information officer said she is at fault for the crash.

“Because this was a single-car accident, whatever the outcome is, obviously the car accident is considered her fault because there is no other driver that can be at fault,” the spokesperson explained.

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We’re glad Locklear is mostly OK after what had to be a scary incident.

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