Fans Are Furious About Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Partnership With Target

Sep 15, 2017 at 12:06 p.m. ET
Image: Donna Ward/Getty Images

In theory, it seems like a good idea for Chip and Joanna Gaines to partner with Target to produce a line of home goods. They revealed that plan this week, and their Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line of home décor will hit Target shelves exclusively on Nov. 5. What could go wrong?

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Well, as it turns out, the Gaineses' fan base doesn't really overlap with Target's. In fact, the HGTV couple is pretty well known for their conservative Christian viewpoint, and a lot of their fans take issue with some of Target's more liberal-leaning policies.

Gaines fans were quick to head to social media and complain about the partnership.

"Why are u using Target?I thought youll were Christians.My friends & thousands of others r boycotting them because of their bathroom policies," one fan wrote. Another tweeted, "We don't shop there because of there anti- Christian ways. Also at Target your a target! Don't allow second Amendment rights. Love you guys."


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The hate didn't stop there.


Despite the blowback, the Gaineses seem happy with their decision to collaborate with Target.

"Despite our initial insecurities about partnering with a large retailer, Target has exceeded our expectations every step of the way," Chip wrote in a blog post. "With our friends, our family and with the people we do business with, we are serious about continually finding common ground. We are thankful to get to work side by side with the people at Target."

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So far, the Gaineses have not commented on the naysayers. We say it should stay that way. Chip and Joanna are gonna do what they're gonna do, and they'll probably keep seeing more success because of it, no matter what a few haters say.