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The 15 Best Amy & Sheldon Moments on The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny may have started out as the it couple on The Big Bang Theory, but there’s no doubt Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is the one fans really love.

Their coupling is unique to say the least, and it definitely doesn’t go without its ups and downs. They seem to argue more than not, but that’s what you get with Sheldon Cooper. All that said, they truly adore one another and are absolutely meant to be.

As infuriating as Sheldon can be, not to mention demeaning, when it comes to Amy, he has grown as a person thanks to their relationship. She has transformed him into someone who is now able to kiss her, touch her, have sex with her and say I love you without hesitation — OK, well, maybe a little bit every now and again.

Season 10 ended with Sheldon proposing to Amy, and this Thursday, May 10 at 8/7c on CBS, we’ll finally watch the big wedding. Until then, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at Shamy’s best moments so far in the history of TBBT.

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1. The first meeting

As soon as they both started talking, there was no denying it was destiny.

2. Their first kiss

As Sheldon described it: “Fascinating.” It also ended with Amy puking, but not because of the kiss.

3. When they kissed on the train

Best. Kiss. Ever. This was a whole other side of Sheldon that fans had never seen. He was totally into it and wanted more from Amy.

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4. “I love you”

At their “prom,” Amy was getting up the nerve to tell Sheldon she loved him, but before she could, he sweetly said, “I love you, too.” This is one of his most genuine moments.

5. The storage unit

Sheldon rarely opens up to anyone, but when he showed Amy that he has kept everything he has ever owned in a storage unit, it was a major moment for him.

6. Their first time

Two words: Amy’s hair.

7. “Hankius pankius”
Despite them only having sex on Amy’s birthday, it usually turns out pretty great — and sometimes with Harry Potter references.

8. Cohabitation
Never did fans think they’d see the day Sheldon would move out of his apartment with Leonard and into Penny’s with Amy. But it happened and has produced some hilarious Shamy comedy.

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9. Amy, the emergency contact

Sheldon making Amy his emergency contact at work was massive — and made for one unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

10. The figurine role-play

Watching Sheldon and Amy role-play with figurines from Dungeons & Dragons was the sexiest thing he has ever done. Yes, Sheldon and sexy don’t usually go hand in hand, but just take our word for it.

11. The ring

When we learned Sheldon had a ring to propose to Amy, well, it was shocking to say the least. However, at the same moment, Amy also broke up with him. As much of a bummer as that was, it was wonderful to see Amy stand up for herself and for what she deserved from their relationship.

12. Kissed & all made up

Them breaking up at the end of Season 8 was hard to watch, but them making up in Season 9 was totally worth it.

13. Amy’s spanking

After pretending to still be sick so he would take care of her, Sheldon decided Amy needed to be punished with a good old-fashioned spanking. Yes, she loved it.

14. Sheldon, aka Casanova

Sheldon isn’t the best at seducing, but it’s absolutely hilarious to watch.

15. Sheldon proposes to Amy

Sheldon and Amy’s wedding airs May 10 at 8/7c on CBS.

A version of this article was originally published in September 2017.

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