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Christina El Moussa Spills on Her New Boyfriend & Co-Parenting With Tarek

To say it’s been a big year for Christina El Moussa would be a huge understatement. Her split from her husband and co-star, Tarek, became public. They became constant headline and paparazzi fodder, which was a big change from their prior relative anonymity as hosts of a niche show.

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That’s one thing El Moussa pointed out when giving an update on her life post-divorce to E! News. She said that is probably the biggest change. That and her new boyfriend, businessman Doug Spedding, who she met over a decade ago and reunited with after her split from Tarek.

“We get along really well, he’s really fun, our kids get along,” she said. “We mostly just hang out, we’re both homebodies. [We] like to barbecue, swim, go to the fair, just normal, everyday kind of things.”

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As for how Tarek is adjusting to their new lives apart?

“Well, Tarek and I don’t really talk about our personal lives,” she explained. “We focus on our kids primarily, and we work together, but as far as dating, that’s not something we discuss with each other.”

El Moussa also reiterated that her main concern, still, is doing what’s best for the two kids she shares with Tarek.

“I think going through a public divorce, I always want to remain positive and look at the future,” she said. “Especially remain positive for my children, and I feel like [the separation] has been the best possible decision for Tarek and I.”

As of now, though, everything in El Moussa’s family life is going great.

“My kids are doing great,” she said. “They’re happy, they’re amazing, they’re so much fun. Co-parenting is going really well… and we’re both doing great as well.”

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Next up? The next season of Flip or Flop, which premieres in December. We can’t wait to see how the El Moussas interact on screen now that they’ve put a little distance between themselves and their divorce.

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