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Meet the New Cast Members Joining Will & Grace

After 11 long years out of the spotlight, 11 years of waiting and watching, 11 years of daring to dream that they might come back… it’s finally happened: Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Karen (Megan Mullally) and Jack (Sean Hayes) are back. The Will & Grace revival, or Season 10 if you will, is back on the airwaves and we couldn’t be more excited to see one of our favorite quartets back on our TV screens.

The show is not only back with a vengeance. It’s bringing along some fan-favorite supporting stars and some new cast members, too. If anything, this Will & Grace revival is shaping up to be something truly special and fun.

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With the Will & Grace revival dead set on rewriting history so that the Season 9 finale, where Will and Grace move out of the NYC apartment and gradually drift apart until they meet again while dropping their kids off at college, is kaput. We’re pressing the rewind button and going back to the happier days of Will & Grace when these besties were still, well, besties.

Turning back the clock means opening up Pandora’s box of possibilities for which supporting characters will reenter the picture (because nothing is set in stone now) and which new characters enter the lives of Will, Grace, Karen and Jack. So, who can we look forward to seeing again? Check it out.

Kyle Bornheimer

Kyle Bornheimer W&G
Image: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

You may not recognize Bornheimer’s name right off the bat, but you may recognize his face. The seasoned supporting actor has appeared in films like Bachelorette and TV shows like The Mindy Project, Casual, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Better Call Saul. According to his Will & Grace TVLine casting announcement, Bornheimer will “appear in the premiere as Lenny, a security officer who (presumably) crosses paths with one or more of the Fab Four.”

Ben Platt

Tony-award winner Platt is set to guest star for one Will & Grace revival episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter. There are no details yet on who he will play, but considering Platt is a master performer both in the theater and in film (recognize him from the Pitch Perfect franchise?), there’s a good chance Platt will plot up in a very surprising place in the revival.

Andrew Rannells

Fresh off his hilarious and bittersweet run on HBO’s Girls, Broadway heavy hitter Rannells was recently announced as a guest star on the Will & Grace revival. The details on Rannells’ character are currently being kept under wraps, although we do know he will only be around for one episode and he’ll be appearing on the same episode as Jane Lynch. Can you say comedy gold?

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Jane Lynch

One of the more recent new additions, Lynch was confirmed to appear on Will & Grace in a guest role in early September by The Hollywood Reporter. Lynch’s most prominent TV role to date is that of Coach Sue Sylvester in Glee, although she has popped up on shows like Criminal Minds, The Real O’Neals and The Good Fight. THR reports she’s only set for one episode — that we know of — and she’ll be appearing in the same episode as Rannells.

Minnie Driver

In late August, it was announced on TVLine that Driver would be reviving her role as Lorraine Finster, Karen’s step-daughter and eternal rival, on the Will & Grace revival. Around the same time as the TVLine announcement was made, Driver posted a photo of herself, Mullally and Messing backstage before they began filming. While Lorraine and Karen have a tangled history (Lorraine was the mistress of Karen’s husband, for which Karen got her revenge by sleeping with Lorraine’s father), anything goes where the revival is concerned.

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Bobby Cannavale

Cannavale was recently confirmed as a returning cast member to Will & Grace and he’s already been spotted on set quite a fair amount. This includes a very sweet photo with McCormack, captioned, “These guys. #setlife.” When the show was originally on the air, Cannavale played Vince D’Angelo, the NYPD officer who becomes Will’s boyfriend. It looks like Vince and Will might be having a happy reunion in the revival, right?

Harry Connick Jr.

Connick is confirmed to return to his role in the Will & Grace revival: Leo, Grace’s love interest and who she ended up marrying in the series finale back in 2006. It will be curious to see where he and Grace stand now that the revival is set to erase the finale altogether and start fresh. Regardless of where the story picks up, it looks like Leo will still be having fun with the old gang. Recent posts on Connick’s Instagram show him goofing around on set with Hayes on the piano and taking cute selfies with Mullally.

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