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Reese Witherspoon Knows If Big Little Lies Season 2 Is Happening

Big Little Lies was a hit for HBO no matter how you look at it. It brought in millions of viewers and sparked all kinds of buzz. It was nominated for nine Emmy awards (and won one of them already), but unfortunately for fans, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything for the show’s future. It’s always been questionable whether the show would get a second season since the series was based on one book and covered the whole storyline in that single season. Now, star Reese Witherspoon is preparing fans to be let down easy.

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During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live this week, Witherspoon was asked by a fan calling in about how it was looking for a Big Little Lies season 2. Upon hearing the question, Witherspoon let out a big sigh.

“Oh! I can’t really… I don’t really have anything to say,” she said. “We’re talking about it… We’re only going to do it if we feel like it’s as good as the first season. So we’re just thinking about ideas.”

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Host Andy Cohen touched on the issue of there only being one book for the show’s source material, and Witherspoon responded, “Yeah, and it ended. That’s what it was.”

One of the most compelling parts of the show (without giving too much away) was how the women didn’t get along. But by the end of the show, they had banded together, and Witherspoon said that takes some of the fun out of their dynamics.

“A lot of the fun and the humor was about that we weren’t all friends,” she said. “So we’d have to figure that out.”

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In the meantime, though, Witherspoon is staying busy. She’ll star on another highly anticipated show alongside Jennifer Aniston. But even though she has other things in the works, we can’t help but keep crossing our fingers for more Big Little Lies.

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