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Pippa Middleton’s New Haircut Makes Her Look Even More Chic

After a brutally warm summer featuring a months-long European heat wave nicknamed “Lucifer” by hot, uncomfortable locals, anyone with long, thick hair would be ready to give it a chop in favor of lighter, cooler, bouncier locks. Pippa Middleton, as it turns out, is no exception, and was just photographed with a new look for fall: a shoulder-length lob.

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Middleton debuted the look while out on a bike ride in London, and paparazzi caught it from every angle, which will be really helpful when you need to show your stylist exactly what it looks like from all sides.

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It was probably a long time coming for Middleton, who just got married four months ago and likely didn’t want to cut her long, curly hair before walking down the aisle — long hair is so much more versatile for wedding styles, after all. But a change in seasons is a great time for a new look, though temperatures in London are finally starting to fall, meaning Middleton won’t even be able to enjoy the benefits that come from having shorter, lighter hair during hot weather. We’ll just have to see if she keeps it short until next summer.

Middleton’s big chop comes after her sister, Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton, chopped off several inches of her own hair. Kate didn’t go quite as short as Pippa did, though, and still wears hers with a little bit of curl compared to the straight lob Pippa is rocking in these photos.

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Now who’s inspired to go get a new haircut?

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