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The First Trailer for the Mean Girls Musical Is So Fetch

We’ll be the first to admit that not every classic movie and TV show needs to be remade or turned into a Broadway musical (lookin’ at you, Friends). When it’s really a classic, it stands the test of time on it’s own. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here, people. But in the case of Mean Girls, bring on the musical adaptation.

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We had our doubts in the beginning. Mean Girls is a slumber party staple for an entire generation. It’s fair to say that nearly all millennial women can quote at least half of the movie without batting an eyelash. Remaking that kind of greatness is a seriously bold move. Could it actually be pulled off?

The answer appears to be yes. The first trailer for Mean Girls the musical was just released on Facebook, and honestly, it looks like it’s going to be so fetch.

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The reason the trailer gives us such high hopes for the musical is that it gives us our first glimpse into the casting, which is what made the movie so great. Regina, Gretchen and Karen all look into the camera as they formally invite us to go see the Mean Girls musical.

“Come here, I want to tell you something,” Regina half-whispers. “First of all, I really like your hair color,” she tells us, which is such a Regina thing to say.

Then, Regina is cut off as Gretchen interrupts her, saying, “We want to invite you to see Mean Girls.”

Karen follows up, believing she’s giving us the real 411 by explaining what a musical is. “It’s a musical. People talk and sing and move at the same time.” Basically, watching the trailer tells you everything you need to know about how the Plastics are going to interact on stage, and we’re living for it. Their chemistry is perfect, just like it was between Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert in the original film.

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There’s also the fact that the musical version will be tweaked slightly from the movie — it’s set in 2017 instead of 2003, which means the cliques at North Shore High will have smartphones and social media to contend with. Will the Burn Book go digital? We can’t wait to see.

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