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Just When Corinne Olympios Thinks the BIP Scandal Is Over, Her Co-stars Prove It’s Not

ABC seems really eager to put that whole filming shutdown controversy on Bachelor in Paradise to rest, and now that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson have hugged it out on TV, it’s time to move on from it, all right? Um, not so fast. There are still so many lingering questions, and the BIP cast is already speaking out about some of their thoughts on Olympios and Jackson’s meeting.

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As they spoke to reporters about it, BIP cast members seem to be taking a clear side here. Jasmine Goode talked to Entertainment Tonight, slamming Olympios for not “taking accountability” throughout the scandal.

“I do understand where Corinne’s coming from, but I think a lot of people were confused on why she’s not taking accountability on what really happened,” Goode said. “I think she was maybe blaming it on other things or people in her ear and I think people were, like, rolling their eyes because they’re probably, like, why aren’t you being 100 percent honest and saying, ‘I was not a victim? I shouldn’t have said that’?”

Goode later added that she’s salty toward Olympios for not speaking to her while the controversy was unfolding.

“I just want to hear why she didn’t reach out to me, because me and her were really close,” Goode said. “Even if you couldn’t talk to me for legal reasons, just say, ‘Hey Jas, I got your text. I can’t talk’… I’m over talking about it, honestly.”

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Another contestant, Diggy Moreland, also called Olympios out for the statement she released after production was shut down, referring to herself as a victim.

“Corinne saying, ‘I was the victim,’ that wasn’t really addressed too much,” Moreland said. “DeMario kind of said exactly what he did say, whereas Corinne was kind of still playing into, ‘I’m still the victim.’ It wasn’t really getting solved. She didn’t receive as much love [from the cast] as DeMario did.”

Even Raven Gates, who competed on the same season of The Bachelor as Olympios, openly sided with Jackson. “I’ve always been Corinne’s friend. I’ll always have her back too. I just thought it was more important to have DeMario’s back and be outspoken about it, just because it was so crazy,” she said.

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We still don’t know exactly what happened that night, and we also don’t know how much the cast members know either. That said, it’s a little disturbing to see so many people openly picking a side in something that, ultimately, didn’t involve them. Neither Jackson nor Olympios has told the full story, so all this still has a pretty icky feeling to it. We just hope all these people picking sides hasn’t silenced Olympios if she truly was a victim like she said.

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