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The Trailer for Shondaland’s TGIT Is Here, & the Theme Is Revenge

Are you ready for Shonda Rhimes and her insanely addictive, soapy melodramas to once again dominate your Thursday nights this fall? You should be, and there’s a new trailer here to help you get in the spirit. A new Shondaland TGIT trailer premiered on Monday night during the Bachelor in Paradise finale, and from the looks of this trailer, Rhimes’ biggest shows are bringing some serious drama.

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Perhaps the biggest indicator that there will be drama aplenty from the three TGIT staples — How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy — is from the music that was chosen to soundtrack the trailer: Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” Each of the female protagonists from these shows almost appears bolstered by the music, as if they can hear it in their heads and are compelled to thrive even when it looks like the deck may be stacked against them.

Which isn’t entirely untrue. In the final season of Scandal, Olivia Pope is now working in the White House for Mellie, who is now the president of the United States (yeah, that happened). The first time we see her in the trailer, she looks more than happy to tell her father over dinner that contrary to what he believes, she can have it all. No doubt Olivia is going to be bent on getting the happy ending she wants and deserves before the season is over — will that include Fitz?

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Meanwhile, over on Grey’s Anatomy, it looks like Meredith might be starting something exciting and romantic with Nathan, Teddy makes her happy return to the hospital, and Maggie and Jackson are sharing some very serious “this is more than just friendship”-type looks.

Oh, and did you think I would forget to mention HTGAWM? Clips from the upcoming season focused heavily on Annalise, who seems to be falling into bed with a new man and who is taking meetings with the mysterious character played by newcomer to the show, Jimmy Smits. What are you doing, Annalise? And why do you look so darn good doing it?

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To be perfectly honest, this trailer is only getting me more hyped for TGIT; are you getting hyped too?

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