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One of BIP‘s Most Promising Couples Has Broken Up IRL

Bachelor in Paradise‘s fourth season hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, and it appears that trend continued after the cameras quit rolling. Viewers already had to suffer through fan favorites Ben Zorn and Kristina Schulman leaving the competition this week — and now news has broken that one of this season’s most promising couples might have had an ugly breakup IRL.

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Before we go any further, suffice it to say this article contains spoilers pertinent to the romantic liaisons on this season of BIP. Now for the 411.

Presently on this season of BIP, Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes are one of the strongest couples in the competition — arguably second only to Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth. This week included a romantic date to a local carnival, which literally and figuratively ended in fireworks.

Since the season finale isn’t for another week, we obviously don’t know for sure yet what the couple’s status was when they left Mexico. What we do know now thanks to comments Stanton has made to the press is that they did attempt to date outside of BIP.

At the filming of the BIP reunion special, Stanton point-blank told E! News as much, saying, “We got home from the show, and we decided to give it a shot.”

And although they were a match made in Paradise, they apparently were not a match made in heaven.

“He asked me to be his girlfriend, and after that, he never really treated me like I was his girlfriend. He was still going out with his friends all the time and he kept going MIA for a few days. It was just a confusing situation,” Stanton added.

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Then she opened up even further while chatting with Entertainment Tonight‘s Lauren Zima at the Bachelor End of Summer party in Santa Monica, California, on Wednesday. “Basically, what happened was there was a night where he was out in Colorado in Denver, and he was supposed to come home that night, but he had missed his flight and his phone died and I didn’t hear from him a whole day,” said Stanton. “And then the next day he had called me in the morning and he was like, ‘Sorry, my phone died.’ And later that day, a girl said he was at a Zac Brown Band concert and sent me photos of him looking like they were making out all over each other.”
Yikes. Stanton revealed that Hayes is sticking to his story that he wasn’t there. She also said it doesn’t really matter either way since the couple is now kaput. Still, she bears no ill will toward the man, and she even says she hopes they can be friends in the future.
“I don’t think he did anything wrong,” she elaborated. “I just think that he’s not ready for a relationship. I’m just in a place in my life where I’m ready for a relationship, and I want a relationship. It just wasn’t meant to be. I wish him the best, though.”
For his part, Hayes hasn’t officially commented yet but promises he will “soon” — and that there’s “a lot I’d like to say.”

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