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So This Is the Secret Project Laverne Cox & Beyoncé Were Collaborating On

It’s been a long time since Laverne Cox dropped the bombshell on Instagram that she was working on a super-secret collaboration with the queen herself, Beyoncé. We’ve done our fair share of speculating about what the two women were up to, but now we can stop guessing — they revealed their project today!

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It turns out that Cox is the new face of Bey’s Ivy Park sportswear line and we are dead. Cox looks so, so amazing. Seriously, just take one good look at these pictures.
We’re going to pause right here and point out that that last photo seems to indicate there will be an Ivy Park men’s collection in our future. Very interesting indeed. Continue your regularly scheduled freaking out at how ridiculously beautiful this campaign is.

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The new campaign prominently features black models, including Cox, and we are obsessed.
“I feel all tingly getting to finally share this beautiful new campaign with you all. It’s about being free. Listening and moving without any judgment or limitation,” Cox wrote on Instagram soon after the campaign was released.

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Has there ever been a better celeb collab than this? We think not.

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