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Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Take Their Love to the Beach

At long last, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are doing what couples do: hanging out in public. But does the timing of their PDA lend credence to one of Hollywood’s strangest rumors? It might. Foxx and Holmes have reportedly been a couple since 2013, even though they’ve denied it and their friends have denied it. Still, they’ve been Hollywood’s worst-kept secret, having been spotted together (albeit rarely) but still looking like a loved-up couple to the point that it was clear to everyone what was going on.

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All of a sudden, though, they don’t seem to care that much anymore. They were spotted having a public dinner together earlier this summer, and now they’ve been photographed on a beach in Malibu walking hand-in-hand, apparently telling the whole world that yes, they are dating, and they suddenly don’t care who knows it.

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So why are they suddenly being so open about the love they’ve worked so hard to keep a secret? It’s certainly interesting that they would suddenly let themselves be photographed together, but the timing is nothing short of intriguing.

One fascinating theory alleges Holmes was forbidden to publicly “embarrass” her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, following their divorce in 2012. The Daily Beast claims this is in connection with Cruise’s involvement in Scientology, with fears that Holmes would discuss her marriage to Cruise or the church with the press. Violating the agreement reportedly would have meant paying back nearly $10 million in divorce settlement money and child support, sources said, and that this divorce clause might have been up in June. This should be taken with a huge grain of salt, however, because it’s difficult to substantiate these kinds of claims, although it is a very interesting theory if only because of the timing.

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Could that be the reason Foxx and Holmes are suddenly so cavalier about their formerly secret relationship? We might never know for sure.

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