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Alexander Skarsgård Hilariously Supported His Baby Brother at the It Premiere

I know it was meant to be a bit of a scary evening, but honestly, the only thing I can focus on was the trifecta of Swedish glory known as the Skarsgård brothers at the It premiere. Older brothers Alexander and Gustaf, actors you know from Big Little Lies and Vikings respectively, attended to support their baby brother, Bill. Bill is actually playing the titular demonic clown It, so this was a pretty special evening, for him especially.

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But even though it was Bill’s special night, it seems like his brothers were having more fun than he was. That’s not to say that Bill looked like a total grump during the red carpet entrance, but if you saw the photos that were taken of Alexander in particular, you’d see what I mean.

Because aside from looking ridiculously dapper on the It red carpet, Alexander appeared to be having a grand old time joking around with Bill. Various photos caught him and his brothers posing very nicely (and handsomely, might I add) for photographers — and then Alexander decided to joke around. Why not? At the premiere of a frightfest like It, where your own brother plays a demonic clown, you should be able to gently josh around with him.

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And josh around he did. I’m not sure whether the brothers planned it or not, but Alexander took a moment to have some fun by making silly faces behind Bill’s back. At one point, he looked super-shocked to see Bill; maybe he was acting like he was in mock-awe of seeing the star of It live and in person?

Skarsgards It Premiere Alex and Bill 1
Image: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

In another shot, with Bill looking totally unfazed, Alexander leaned in to make what can only be described as a smile-growl. Or is it a growl-smile? Very odd, but very adorable.

Skarsgards It Premiere Alex and Bill 2
Image: JB LaCroix/Getty Images

It’s great to see the Skarsgård brothers out in full force to support one another, as was the case with the It premiere. The men come from a big acting family, with their father Stellan being perhaps the most prolific of them all. That means there are lots of red carpet events to attend and there are lots of occasions to show up and support your family. In fact, Alexander and Stellan appeared together for Stellan’s film The Avengers and Alexander joined Gustaf on the red carpet at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards. Family supporting family: it’s a beautiful thing.

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Clearly, Alexander had the most fun at the It premiere, even though this evening was really all about his brother. Can you blame him? I mean, who says that little brothers who happen to be the star of the film whose premiere you’re attending get to have all the fun?

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