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Wells Is the True Winner of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4

In the midst of the Bachelor in Paradise drama, lackluster relationships, mean-girl insults and love triangles over a man no one should be giving the time of day, there’s one bright spot: Wells Adams, aka the new Jorge.

He seems to be the only guy in paradise worth giving a second glance. The only one with a personality worth noting. The only one who seems to know how to make a woman feel special. I mean, I can’t be the only one who’s still not over that Wells/Danielle kiss, am I right?

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Now, there are rumors Wells will be the new Bachelor, which he’s denied. But that hasn’t stopped the internet from lighting up with love for the bartender who won Bachelor Nation with a sweep of his banana fingers.

Now that sounds like a fairy tale romance worth talking about.
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And if there’s one thing we’ve learned on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, it’s this: In a world full of Deans, be a Wells.

All the good men can’t be gone, right? Right?!

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