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Taraji P. Henson’s Most Fierce Moments

Of all the influential women in Hollywood right now, few compare to the fiercest of them all, actor Taraji P. Henson, star of Empire and the Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures. Her acting may be the most notable reason that we love her, but she is also an activist, speaking out politically and personally in this difficult political climate, and she actively supports other women. Basically, she is too good for this world and we need to celebrate her. And so, considering this fierce diva’s birthday is happening on Sept. 11, we wanted to properly celebrate Henson’s actions by spotlighting her best, fiercest moments from the last year.

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At the 2017 Oscars

Henson possibly holds the unofficial record for Most Relatable Human at the Oscars Ever. There were lots of surprises at the 2017 award show, and all of them were met with the perfect response from the actor, who was there on behalf of her Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures. Almost every GIF from that night was Henson being excited about free food, surprised that Moonlight actually won Best Picture or sad that her co-star Octavia Spencer wasn’t sharing her snacks. Henson also served some of the best glam on the red carpet that night, wearing a custom velvet gown by Alberta Ferretti.

Taraji P. Hensen on Oscars Red Carpet
Image: Wenn

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Her super-glam Instagram posts

It’s safe to say that Taraji posts some of the fiercest selfies on Instagram. Whether it’s before an award show, showing off a new haircut, or on the set of Empire, she is arguably the selfie queen. She also loves a good repost of fan art of an award show look, one of her characters in a movie or even one of her original Instagram posts. You know what’s fierce? Celebrating the artistic talents of others, that’s what.

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Her smart, politically insightful Instagram posts

While Henson can pose and post the perfect selfie to lift anyone’s spirits, she also uses Instagram to lift spirits in a much deeper way. Within our current fraught political climate, Henson constantly puts on her activist hat across the platform. She calls out to people across the country and the world to take action, which is just another way she is truly fierce. Henson continues to lead the charge day by day and show her followers and the world that she is fighting for all of us.

Her Memoir, Around the Way Girl

Henson also has a book out. The actor talks about her life from the beginning: young dreams, young heartaches and how it’s made her the incredible person she is today.

“Whether it’s Cookie from Empire, Queenie from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Yvette from Baby Boy, or rocket scientist Katherine Johnson from Hidden Figures, they’re characters. As for the real me, I’m just a girl who went to Hollywood with my son, $700, and a dream. There were some detours along the way, some heartache, and a whole lot of hustle.”

Her hosting gig for Black Girls Rock! on BET

Who better than Henson to host an entire night devoted to black women? The women’s rights activist was the perfect host for the night, bringing to light the love that was needed within the black community and outside of it after the horrific acts of hate in Charlottesville. So, while this recent series of events has shaken the United States, Henson took it upon herself to combat this hate with love, from woman to woman to woman.

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From her best fashion looks to her portrayal of important and strong women on and off screen, Henson is an inspiration for women everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why.

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