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The Internet Is Losing It Over Those AHS: Cult Clowns

It wouldn’t be autumn without something to scare the ever-living daylights out of us, so why not have that scare-inducing indulgence be the unnerving American Horror Story: Cult? The seventh season of AHS premiered on Tuesday, Aug. 5 and brought with it a whole mess of 2016 election emotions (mostly sadness and terror, which is eerily relatable) and clowns. Lots and lots of clowns.

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Clowns were prevalent in the Cult season premiere, if only because they are the primary fear of Ally, the protagonist of this season and played by AHS alum Sarah Paulson. Poor Ally is not dealing with the election of Donald J. Trump very well when the scene opens in November 2016. It was a dark time for a great many Americans, and we get to relive that election fallout through Ally’s eyes.

While Ally is trying to deal with the immediate trauma of the election, it would seem that her old phobias are coming back to haunt her too; stress will do that to you. Her fragile sense of reality soon becomes exploited by Kai, a young man who is pretty psyched about Trump’s win and a man who’s ready to spread the good word about his new president. This includes sending Winter to Ally’s house, where she interviews to be the nanny for Ally and her wife, Ivy’s, son. Not only is Winter there to slowly drive Ally insane, but she begins to exploit the knowledge of Ally’s fear of clowns to great effect.

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Soon, Ally is seeing clowns everywhere and generally losing her mind constantly. Yes, a lot of other stuff happened (hello, creepy neighbors and a very suspicious Ivy), but it was really just the clown stuff that left Twitter freaking the heck out. Check out some of the reactions Twitter had to those super-weird clowns.

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The Twitter-verse also had a lot of thoughts and feelings about watching Ally stumble upon two clowns doing some dirty deeds in the produce aisle of her grocery store. Why must these clowns ruin all that is good? Is nothing sacred?

And if you planned to get some sleep after watching the Cult premiere, think again, my friend.

Perhaps the best ending to this creepy clown story would be the one viewer who is calling it like they see it.

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