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John Stamos Wore a Shirt With His Own Face on It, Because Why Not?

If there’s one thing celebrities can definitely pull off that normal people generally can’t, it’s wearing their own faces on their clothing. In fact, when the right celeb does it, it’s not only hilarious, but it’s stylish and fun.

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John Stamos proved that rule over the weekend when he went to the lake with a bunch of other celebs and joined in on an ’80s party by wearing an Uncle Jesse shirt from his Full House days. To be fair, it did fit the theme!

“We refuse to let #summer or #the80s be over! @nina @chordover #laborday,” he wrote alongside the snap, where he posed with Nina Dobrev and Chord Overstreet. Stamos was wearing a fishnet top over his Uncle Jesse T-shirt along with neon purple leggings, tube socks, hot-pink shorts, an orange fanny pack and a sweatband. Dobrev posed alongside him in a very ’80s high-waisted pink and purple color-block bathing suit. Overstreet apparently missed the memo and wore shorts and a tank. He’s clearly a party pooper.

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Dobrev, who appears to have thrown the ’80s-themed bash, posted a bunch of other photos from the get-together. She and all her friends definitely seem to have embraced the questionable fashions of the decade because some of these clothing decisions are… interesting, to say the least. Even though Stamos was the only star to show up with his own face on his clothing, everyone else really got into it with brightly colored leggings, leotards, side ponies and sweatbands.

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The ’80s are clearly still alive and well if Stamos’ selfie shirt is anything to go by.

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