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Chris Evans Reuniting With His Beloved Dog Is Too Cute for Words, TBH

ICYMI, Chris Evans adores his dog, Dodger — like, a lot. He posts quite frequently on social media about his affection for the pup and has been lamenting lately how much he has missed his doggy BFF while he’s on location. But no one could have predicted the cuteness overload that would occur when Evans and Dodger were reunited.

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To be fair, we all knew the precious pair would be in each other’s company again soon. After all, how could we not? Evans has quite literally been counting down the days on social media.

Then, on Sunday, the Captain America star shared the super-sweet moment (which he videoed for posterity, naturally) he got to see his four-legged friend once again, captioning the Twitter vid, “After 10 long weeks.”

And holy heart-tugger, the warm welcome Dodger gives Evans is enough to defrost even the iciest heart.

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What makes the pair’s story even more special is the fact that Dodger is a rescue dog. Evans adopted the pup after meeting him in April during the filming of Gifted. If you’ll recall, one of the film’s final scenes was in a pound. Is that a great meet-cute, or what?

We don’t want to speak too soon, but if Evans keeps posting aww-inducing pictures and videos of his dog, he just might dethrone country singer Brett Eldridge and his dog, Edgar, as social media’s reigning cutest human-and-pup pair.

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