Angelina Jolie Doesn't 'Enjoy Being Single,' Allegedly Reuniting With Brad Pitt

Sep 3, 2017 at 9:24 p.m. ET
Image: Apega/WENN

It's been almost a year since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, and the private star has shared little about their subsequent split in the press. But in a new interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Jolie let down her guard and admitted she's not a fan of the single life.

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"I don't enjoy being single. It's not something I wanted. There's nothing nice about it. It's just hard," she revealed.

She went on to explain that, despite outward appearances, the past year hasn't been without struggle. "Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together, but really I am just trying to get through my days," Jolie said. "Emotionally, it's been a very difficult year, and I have had some other health issues. So my health is something I have to monitor."

Pitt has similarly opened up to the press about how difficult things have been since Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016 after two years of marriage and 12 years together. In interviews, he has confessed he had been drinking too much prior to their split. On more than one occasion, he has praised "Angie's" recent directorial efforts.

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In August, rumors began surfacing that the pair had put their divorce on hold to "see what happens." According to E! News, however, a source close to the former couple insists no reconciliation is in sight.

"They are not getting back together," said the source. "They are both focused on putting their children's priorities first and are getting along, but this story is clearly an outsider trying to create a storyline that doesn't exist."

Someone clearly didn't clue the rumor mill in to that source's secret intel, though, because a brand-new narrative began circulating over Labor Day weekend — that Jolie and Pitt have reportedly decided to give their marriage one more go.

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"There were a lot of tears, nothing was left on the table," the couple's self-professed biographer, Ian Halperin, told The Mail, adding, "Brad took the first step forward, then they collapsed into each other's arms."

Clearly, such speculation should be taken with a grain of salt.

Regardless of whether Jolie reunites with her estranged hubby, she has a lot to celebrate these days. First They Killed My Father — the film about Cambodian human rights activist Loung Ung, which Jolie directed, produced and co-wrote — debuted this weekend at the Telluride film festival in Colorado. Jolie attended the premiere with all six of her kids in tow.

And while it won't premiere until Sept. 15, on Netflix, the film is already garnering major buzz. It's being called Jolie's best work yet, and it earned a standing ovation at Telluride.