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Jennifer Lopez Is Resurrecting Jenny From the Block for a New Music Video

Are you ready for the return of Jenny from the block? Because it’s fast approaching, and it could be the single greatest thing to happen in music this fall. Jennifer Lopez posted a photo teaser for her new music video for “Amor, Amor, Amor” earlier this week, and she’s giving us straight-up Jenny vibes. I. Am. Here. For. It.

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First off, can you believe — no, seriously — that Lopez is 48 years old? I’m still over here with my jaw on the floor because she looks absolutely stunning. Add to that the fact that she’s bringing us some late ’90s or early ’00s fashion realness with this big fur coat, hoop earrings, massive ponytail and what looks like pleather cargo shorts, and it’s probably the best photo that’s been posted all week.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lopez has been filming what will be the music video for “Amor, Amor, Amor” recently, and it looks like she’s filming it in New York City (a very “Jenny from the block” thing to do). The song is the lead single off her upcoming Spanish album, which ET reports her ex-husband Marc Anthony is producing. Very interesting indeed.

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Lopez was spotted on the street by photographers during filming, and one caught a glimpse of her outfit in all its throwback glory.

Jennifer Lopez on set 'Amor Amor Amor' Video
Image: James Devaney/Getty Images

Lopez has been poised for a return to music for quite some time. It’s been a hot minute since “Ain’t Your Mama,” one of her most recent hits, was on the airwaves; it’s time for her to come back to us! And even though Lopez has been singing in Spanish for years, something tells me that a renewed public fervor for songs sung in Spanish (see: “Despacito” mania) will help give Lopez the boost she needs.

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Bring on the new era of Lopez. We’re so ready.

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