Benji Madden Makes Public Vow Never to Leave Cameron Diaz

Well, if the wedding vows weren’t enough to ensure they’d stay together forever, Benji Madden is reminding his wife, Cameron Diaz, that he’s in it for the long haul. Madden and Diaz are adorable together, but we rarely get to see it because they keep their relationship super-private and off social media. Boo to that because we love seeing our fave celebrity couples in love. Someone tell them to put more of their relationship out there, K?

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This week, we got a rare glimpse inside their fairy tale love story. Wednesday was Diaz’s birthday, and Madden took to Instagram to share a sweet photo and message to commemorate the day.

“Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Wife,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself and Diaz snuggling under plaid blankets on a boat ride. “I feel like I am the LUCKIEST guy ALIVE… I don’t think anyone could ever know the Depth, Kindness, and Compassion that I get to experience everyday thanks to My One and Only- You got me til the end baby.”

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Can they be any cuter? “You got me til the end?” Ugh, they’re perfect. And they’re clearly going to stay together forever because, hello, Madden just promised that. You all saw it. He did it in front of all of us.

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This kind of adorable perfection should come as no surprise. Madden and Diaz are so perfect for each other, it’ll give the strongest cynic hope in love. Diaz did describe him as her “partner in life, in everything,” in a rare interview, after all.


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