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Gwyneth Paltrow Admits to Messing Up Her Relationship With Brad Pitt

Two decades after they dated, Gwyneth Paltrow is speaking out with some new information about her ill-fated relationship with Brad Pitt. Spoiler alert: She seems to be taking responsibility for their breakup. Say what?

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Paltrow appeared on Girlboss Radio, and told host Sophia Amoruso that she has her fair share of regrets about her past loves.

When Amoruso asked if Paltrow had ever “fucked up a relationship and had to fix it,” she replied, “Oh my God. I’ve fucked up so many relationships, so many.”

Paltrow continued, “I’m actually a pretty good friend and a good sister and a daughter and a mother, but I am at my potentially most vulnerable and fucked up in the romantic slice of the pie. So it’s taken me a lot of work to get to the place where I have a good romantic relationship.”

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Amoruso cut in, saying, “So Brad Pitt, if you’re listening…”

And Paltrow finished, “I fucked that up, Brad.”

For those who don’t remember, because it was literally 20 years ago, Pitt and Paltrow dated from 1995 to 1997 after meeting on the set of their movie Se7en and even got engaged. They were a huge power couple and wildly popular at the time. Pitt proposed in 1996 when she visited him in Argentina, where he was filming Seven Years in Tibet. Then Paltrow called off the engagement several months later.

In 2015, Paltrow told Howard Stern a little bit about the breakup, but didn’t take responsibility for it like she did now. “I think I was a kid and I wasn’t ready. He was too good for me,” she said. “I honestly do think I was too young and didn’t know what I was doing.”

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Everything worked out for the best, because both Pitt and Paltrow would go on to have long marriages with other stars, though both of those have since ended.

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