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People Are Way Over This Season of Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise seems to be one disappointment after the next this season, and fans have not stayed quiet about their feels, thank goodness. Because we all have them too.

I spent most of this episode wondering when ABC is going to announce the new Bachelor because that would actually be good news instead of more heartbreak. (Please be Peter. Please be Peter. Please be Peter.)

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OK, back to BIP.

Let’s review…

Dean ruined himself with his confusion between Kristina and D. Lo.

Amanda turned into a mean girl despite her anti-bullying mantra.
Jasmine lost a lot of fans.

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Alexis went home, which, not OK.

Daniel called Lacey a “leftover,” and she was sad when he wasn’t super-into her. And then she continually let him walk all over her and treat her badly.

Tickle Monster and Christen had an adorable date, and then she totally just ragged on him to Jack Stone. WTH!

To sum up…

And this…

It’s hard to imagine any of these couples making it past paradise at this point in the show. And while we all enjoy some gratuitous drama, it loses its appeal when it’s just one dramatic moment after the next. Where’s the love?

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What’s keeping you watching Bachelor in Paradise this season?

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