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The Teaser Trailer for the New Heathers Is Finally Here

Ever since it was announced that the cult classic Heathers was being resuscitated, ’90s kids everywhere have been counting down the days until we get a glimpse at the second coming of our favorite high school dramedy. We might have to put a pin in that though, fam, ’cause the new Heathers teaser trailer is here — and, well, it’s… different.

Don’t get us wrong; it looks fierce enough. But if you were hoping for a modern incarnation in keeping with the spirit of the Heathers of yesteryear, you might be disappointed.

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In the short but buzzworthy clip, we’re introduced to a few members of the new class of key players: namely the infamous Heather Chandler and the resident non-Heather, Veronica Sawyer.
Of course, the Chandler of old was all things cliché ’80s mean girl — blonde, slim, biting, high-brow and fashion savvy.

The new Chandler might still be a mean girl, but she’s definitely been given a millennial makeover, complete with tons of blingy rings and Instagram makeup. She’s rocking short red hair and some curves too. The caption of her yearbook photo, which was released as part of a series on the reboot’s Instagram feed (make sure you click through for each character!), reads “woke af.”

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Unlike the 1988 Heathers, this is a diverse group, including a black Heather and a genderqueer Heather.

And, hey, diversity should always be encouraged in casting. But (and it’s kind of a big one), isn’t that kind of missing the point where Heathers is concerned?

Their existence was defined by being super-exclusive mean girls. That was their thing. It was practically what drove the entire plot. It was what made them so unlikable. Why not diversify the anti-hero of the story, Veronica, instead of introducing the diversified characters as the oppressors?

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Still, the fashion does look like it is going to be lit. Plus, judging by Veronica muttering, “Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw,” it seems as though the reboot does intend to honor the original in dialogue at least.

What do you think? Is the reboot a dream come true or a disaster?

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