Netflix Now Encourages Chilling & Getting High With New Marijuana Line

Forget #NetflixAndChill… the next major binge-watching trend might just be #NetflixAndBlaze. According to Vulture, the streaming service has co-created the “Netflix Collection” — a set of marijuana strains based on its original shows.

It’s all part of a pop-up event in West Hollywood this weekend, Aug. 25 through 27, at Alternative Herbal Health Services. FYI: you’ve gotta have a legal medical marijuana card if you want to score some sweet Netflix-inspired grass. And not to be a downer, but the cannabis can’t be mailed either (it’s a federal no-no).

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Wondering what in the world weed inspired by Netflix shows might be like? Well, the streaming service revealed via press release that the strains will take a cue from the vibes of the different series they’re based on.

“Each strain was cultivated with the specific shows in mind, designed to complement each title based on their tone,” said the statement. “For example, sillier shows may be more indica dominant, while dramedies will be more sativa dominant to help the more powerful scenes resonate.”

Honest to ganja, we have no idea what all of that means, but we are living for the names and descriptions of the strains Netflix did spill the proverbial beans about.

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Are you a hardcore Orange Is the New Black fan? “Poussey Riot” — which is meant for “kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes” — would be your ideal puff-puff-pass.

Or maybe you’re more of an Arrested Development aficionado, in which case you’d want to toke it up with a “big yellow joint” of “Banana Stand Kush.”

Don’t worry; there’s a little something for the mature ladies too. The “Peyotea 73” strain inspired by Grace and Frankie is an “uplifting sativa hybrid.”

Other promising strains include “Camp Firewood,” to be enjoyed while watching Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, and a strain that will “really ramp up your appetite” to complement the newer cannibal comedy Santa Clarita Diet.

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We must give credit where credit is due, though. This entire inspired idea is pretty much part of a brilliant marketing campaign by Netflix to get the word out about its latest original series, Disjointed, which stars Kathy Bates as the owner of a marijuana dispensary.

We see what you did there, Netflix, and we are here for it.


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