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Is Tyrion in Love or Betraying Daenerys in the Final Season of GoT

Warning: GoT Season 7 finale spoilers ahead.

A lot of weird things happened during that Jon/Daenerys sex scene on the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. First, at the same moment they were having hot, passionate sex, Sam and Bran were coming to the realization that Jon is a Targaryen and heir to the Iron Throne. But more important, he is a Targaryen. And by that, we mean Daenerys’ nephew.

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Second, also intercut with the nakedness were shots of Tyrion just staring down the halls of the ship right outside the room where said lovemaking was happening. He was just standing there! Why was he just standing there?!

Well, there are some theories.

Tyrion and Daenerys in Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

1. He’s secretly madly in love with Daenerys

This one would kinda break my heart because Tyrion deserves true love after everything he’s been through. He and Daenerys have formed a close, intimate relationship over the past season, and yet there’s still a distance there for him. They are more business partners than actual partners. Then Jon enters and Daenerys doesn’t waste much time in swooning. It looks like Tyrion might turn into Ser Jorah in about another decade.

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2. He betrayed Daenerys

There is a good chance we didn’t get to see something really, really big go down between Cersei and Tyrion. Cersei agreed to meet with her little brother, didn’t kill him and then he realized she was pregnant. End scene. But in just the next moment, we see Cersei striding back out to the dragon pit and agreeing to send troops, an agreement that was a lie, but still, what did Tyrion say? What did he promise?

Most people on the internet are theorizing a betrayal since Tyrion admitted to Cersei that he didn’t want to end the Lannisters.

I think it’s more likely Tyrion offered Cersei Jon’s head rather than Daenerys’ death. I think Tyrion is genuinely loyal to Daenerys, but he isn’t loyal to Jon in that way, despite the respect he feels for him. My theory is Tyrion offered to take out Jon for Cersei as soon as the fight with the White Walkers was won, assuming she agreed to the peace treaty. And there’s the loophole for Cersei: She agreed to the peace treaty but didn’t agree to actually assist in the battle.

Now, just because Tyrion didn’t betray Daenerys directly, if my theory is true, doesn’t mean he didn’t betray Daenerys. She is growing to love Jon. He is an important ally, and if Tyrion sacrifices Jon for the sake of her empire, well, that’s not a sin she would forgive. Tyrion would know that, though, so he would understand that he’s not just sacrificing Jon but himself.

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3. Both?

It could be that both of the above are true. Tyrion loves Daenerys, and he is betraying her. Going along with my theory that Tyrion offered Cersei Jon’s death, it could be because Tyrion wants Jon out of the picture because he wants Daenerys all to himself.

If this is the case, I could see Tyrion morphing into a dark version of himself and actually becoming the monster everyone accused him of being. As a fan favorite character, this might be worse than seeing Tyrion’s death, so brace yourself.

Tyrion in Game of Thrones
Image: HBO

Do you think Tyrion will betray Daenerys in Game of Thrones Season 8?

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