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People Are Crowning Lisa Vanderpump American Royalty

All hail Queen Vanderpump.

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At least, that’s what we should be saying, according to a new article from The Cut featuring Lisa Vanderpump in all her glory and crowned with the title “Lisa Vanderpump Is the Royalty America Craves.”

There is no arguing, after all, that she rules the Real Housewives — she’s starred in all seven seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — but don’t discredit her hard work just because you want to talk about her power to rule.

Vanderpump herself will be quick to tell you that she is a self-made woman.

“I don’t have time to sit around too many painting parties,” she explained to The Cut. “I didn’t marry somebody super wealthy where I could sit in bed with a box of chocolates or inherit a shitload of money. I had a good education, but I bought my own apartment when I was 19 years old. My parents did not give me one penny since I left. Not a penny. If I’d married an Onassis or something like that, yeah, I would be sitting around doing sweet fuck-all, but I’m a restaurateur, and I’m a mother, and I’m a wife.”

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She and her husband, Todd Vanderpump, have opened 33 bars and restaurants.

Of course, just because she works hard for her dolla dolla bills, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy spending her money. All you have to do is look at Vanderpump to know she splurges on herself. She’s rarely without some bling.

“I do love a sumptuous lifestyle. I mean, I’m not shy to be driving around in some fabulous car, with the roof down, and dogs hanging out the back, and beautiful things… I love that. I love that in my house, I love that,” Vanderpump explained.

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The lifestyle clearly suits her.

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump has earned the title of American royalty?

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