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Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Are Doing Really Great

You may or may not have heard some recent news concerning one Taylor Swift, something about a snake and some music, yadda yadda. I am here to tell you that there is more important news to worry about, and that is the truly perfect relationship of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes.

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Yes, these two lovebirds, who keep their relationship solidly under wraps, are still going strong. They still haven’t confirmed that they’re officially together, even though, like, everyone knows that they’re officially together. But they keep doing things like being spotted at the same time at the same shopping center, even though they don’t actually hang out together because what if someone saw?

“They are really happy,” a source close to the definite, real couple told E! News. “It’s easy and they are for sure very much in love. They are doing their thing as usual and keeping a very, very low profile.”

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Still, they’re keeping things on the down-low for the foreseeable future, seriously disappointing all of us lovers of love who just want to see them happy and together.

“Katie and Jamie will not at any time talk about their union,” the source said. “They like their life private.”

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Ugh, why can’t they just talk about it already? They got caught back in April sharing a very intimate dinner in New York City, but since that photo got out online, they seem to have doubled down on their efforts to keep their relationship completely out of public view. We just want to enjoy it with them. Is that too much to ask?

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