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Amal Clooney’s Sister Tala Alamuddin Is So Different, but Also Extremely Cool

Here’s yet another reason to envy Amal Clooney: Her sister, Tala Alamuddin, is apparently the quirky, free-spirited, boho fashionista BFF we all dream of having in our corner. Although Amal has been a mainstay in headlines since she began dating now-husband George Clooney, Alamuddin has remained a bit of a mystery. Thanks to a fashion line review by Vogue, however, Amal’s eccentric sis has landed squarely in the spotlight.

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Here’s the rundown. Alamuddin, a fan of all things funky and fringed, has started her own fashion line aptly dubbed “Totally Tala.”

Although the brand is currently only available in Singapore (where Alamuddin lived with her ex-husband), the fact that the website boasts it is working on getting “sharper and brighter” for customers bodes well for international expansion.

In fact, those who see themselves as potential customers can go ahead and sign up for “Totally Tantalising” updates on the brand’s launch.

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While it’s pretty clear by the way Vogue refers to the line with flowery qualifiers such as “flouncy” and “zany” that Alamuddin’s style isn’t their cup of tea, the truth is that her brand is an injection of carefree fun. If you love color, bold patterns and, of course, fringe, you may be looking at your next favorite celebrity designer.

But regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Alamuddin’s fashion, this much is nearly certain: a cursory scroll of Alamuddin’s Instagram feed will likely make you a fan of her vibe.

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From inspirational quotes by Khalil Gibran bordered in hot pink leopard print to stunning vistas and silly snapshots, Alamuddin makes it clear that she believes in squeezing the zest out of every single minute of every single day. Further proof? Her motto is “rise, rock, repeat.”

So, bring on the fringe earrings and animal prints, because we’re officially convinced that everyone could use a little Tala Alamuddin in their life.

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