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Lady Gaga’s Life Is Glamorous but Overwhelmingly Lonely

You’ve got to give it to Lady Gaga — as much as she loves a good costume, she isn’t afraid to strip down to the basics and bare her soul. Through a string of intriguing teasers on social media, Gaga is giving fans a first look at her upcoming documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two and, with it, a glimpse into the superstar’s life.

Some of what is revealed in the teaser snippets is expected. Gaga’s existence is often glamorous. In one short video, we see flashbacks to her Super Bowl performance — bedazzled and suspended from stunt wires.

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In other clips, however, a sad reality rears its head: Gaga is lonely. Like, really lonely. “I’m alone… every night, and all these people will leave,” she says, sobbing, “and I’ll be alone. I go from everyone touching me all day and talking at me all day to total silence.”

It’s a heartbreaking truth to hear from an entertainer who gives so much to her fans and who works tirelessly to raise awareness about social issues such as bullying and depression.

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The documentary, which is directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Chris Moukarbel, will make its debut on Sept. 22 by way of Netflix. The description? “An intimate and unfettered portrait of a year in the life of Lady Gaga.”

As for Gaga, she has no grand plans to watch the intimate examination of herself. Or she’s in no hurry, at least, saying, “I have seen a few short clips of the documentary, but I decided not to watch it all the way through or most of it for that matter, because I can’t be objective about myself.”

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She adds, “You’ll see it before I do.”

With a premise this enthralling — and clips this haunting — the documentary will likely draw Gaga’s many “Little Monsters” in mass for a binge-streaming sesh once the documentary drops. Until then, fans can follow Gaga on social media, where she’ll be leaving little digital breadcrumbs using the hashtag #GagaFiveFootTwo.

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