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Expect a Lot of Sexual Tension & Innuendos on The Great British Bake Off

We all know The Great British Bake Off is going to be different this season, but some things never change.

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Even though it’ll be on a new network and will have new judges, the GBBO will still be full of the delightfully dry and innuendo-packed humor we’ve come to expect from the show. Thank goodness, because those are legit the reasons we all watch.

Plus, one of the new judges is eccentric English comedian and artist Noel Fielding (whose personality is definitely a clash with the calm vibe of GBBO), and you know we’re here for that.

To give us all a better idea of what to expect from the new Bake Off, Vogue met the cast and gathered some intel on the first episode of the new season. Probably the most important thing they discovered is that Fielding will enter the tent from a rainbow-striped hot-air balloon, though honestly, we can’t think of any other way for him to make his entrance. Still, he’s taking his role as a judge seriously, even though he’s bringing his weird, whimsical humor to the tent.

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“I think everyone expected me to wear a top hat and throw the cakes on the floor, but I do want to be respectful,” he said. “The show is still the same, except Mel’s been replaced by a vampire.”

Also expect Fielding to get up to some wild antics with another new judge, Sandi Toksvig. “There’s lots of repressed sexual tension,” Toksvig said. “Our best moments are off-screen.”

While Mel and Sue won’t be around this season, Fielding is happy stepping into their role and making a lot of “soggy bottoms” and “firm buns” jokes. Obviously, even with the cast shake-up, everyone on Bake Off knows what’s really important.

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The new season of Great British Bake Off premieres Aug. 29 on British Channel 4.

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