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Céline Dion Gives Perfect Update About Her Love Life Since Husband’s Death

Is Céline Dion moving on after her husband’s death?

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Dion was in Montréal earlier this week launching her new handbag line when, according to The Cut, someone there asked her about her love life. Dion responded in the best possible way. She looked a little flabbergasted by the question and then she lifted her microphone and sang, “Shine bright like a diamond,” which is a line from Rihanna’s song “Diamonds.” Luckily, her response was caught on tape so we can all bask in how perfect it is.

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Her response didn’t really answer the question, but we’re finding it hard to care because what a queen-like response, right? But seriously, we still need some answers. Is Dion trying to tell us she’s too busy shining bright on her own to be dating anyone? Is she just straight-up deflecting because she doesn’t want to talk about her private life when she’s trying to launch a handbag line? We may never know.

What we do know is that rumors have been linking Dion to Pepe Muñoz, a backup dancer/aspiring fashion designer, since last month. Even though Dion denies being in a relationship with Muñoz, they’ve been traveling together and might have been seen holding hands. As much as she denies it, we kind of hope there’s some truth to the rumors because Dion deserves happiness.

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Dion and her late husband, René Angélil, were together from 1994 until his death in January of 2016. She said recently that it still feels too soon to be dating, but it’s coming up on two years. No one would blame Dion if she put herself back out there, ya know?

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