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Watch Debra Messing & Sean Hayes Sing Grease in the Will & Grace Dressing Rooms

Here’s the good news: Sean Hayes and Debra Messing definitely know how to make us laugh, which is a good sign for their Will & Grace revival.

The bad news: Their impromptu singing skills need some work.

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Not to say the two can’t sing. Messing sang in the musical show Smash, and she also lent her vocal talent to Dirty Dancing.

But maybe Grease is just out of her range, because she and Hayes posted a video of themselves singing “You’re the One That I Want” from the hit musical, and it, um, it needed some work.

Messing hasn’t just been posting fun videos from the set on her Instagram. She’s also been commenting on topics the new series will cover, most important and especially the politics.

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“I hope that we make people laugh out loud so hard that they pee,” Messing said in a recent interview with TV Guide. “But that it also — hopefully — will make people pause for a second and think perhaps in a new way or at least be open to thinking in a new way.”

She added, “We are absolutely going to do what Will & Grace always did. Which is to be provocative and sassy and to make people laugh out loud by shining a light on what’s happening right now in our country, whether or not it’s politically or pop-culture or socially.”

OK, but in all seriousness, maybe they should (definitely) do a musical episode of Will & Grace. Come on now. That would be great.

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Will & Grace premieres Thursday, Sept. 28 on NBC.

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