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AHS: Cult Plot Finally Revealed, & Guys, It’s Going to Be Creepy

Oh, sleep… it was nice knowing you. We had a good run, you and I — but it looks like the time has come to part ways. It’s not you. Actually, it’s not me either. It’s the first footage for AHS: Cult, confirming the upcoming season is going to bring to life everyone’s worst childhood nightmare: clowns.

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There’s nothing scarier than a clown, and American Horror Story knows it. At just over one minute in length, the trailer for Cult is a study in psychological terror.
In the clown-centric season, Sarah Paulson apparently plays a woman named Ally who lives with her partner (played by the always lovely Alison Pill) and presumably their child. Their story takes place in Michigan in 2016, and Donald Trump has just won the election.

Ally and her partner are wrecked over the results, which seem to exacerbate Ally’s coulrophobia — aka an abnormal, intense fear of clowns.

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Meanwhile, in another home somewhere in Michigan, a blue-haired Trump fanatic by the name of Kai (played by Evan Peters) celebrates the win in raucous fashion. The added element of intrigue to this politically extreme character is that he has Ally in his crosshairs and is hell-bent on destroying her.

Billie Lourd plays a gothic young woman named Winter who Kai coerces into wiggling her way into Ally’s home as a nanny. From there, Kai uses her to drive Ally to the brink of insanity by capitalizing on her coulrophobia.

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In other words, if you weren’t already terrified of clowns, you’re about to be. And if you feel the need to vet every children’s birthday party invitation you receive for — oh, I don’t know — forever by asking what form of entertainment they’re having, well then, welcome to our new neurosis.

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