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Bachelor Nation United Against President Trump During Last Night’s BIP Episode

Last night, President Trump interrupted Bachelor in Paradise, and the internet was not OK.

Trump’s speech about his new military tactics in Afghanistan happened just as the long-awaited first rose ceremony of the season was about to take place — three episodes in. So you can imagine the panic that ensued.

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To make matters even worse, BIP had already been preempted on the East Coast by preseason football, which means viewers got less than half of the two hours scheduled for the episode. Twitter was alight with members of Bachelor Nation sharing their opinions about this true travesty of TV.

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Online reactions ranged from salty to downright angry, but even a die-hard BIP fan like myself has to admit all the fretting was pretty hilarious to watch.

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Between the production shutdown and this, hasn’t BIP been through enough? Leave BIP alone!

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