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Bachelor in Paradise Fans Have Officially Turned on Dean

In the span of three episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, Dean has gone from lovable fan favorite to maybe the most hated contestant on the show right now.

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What started out as a hopeful new relationship and a catchy couple name (#KrisDeana), quickly turned into a disaster for Dean, who is now caught in a messy love triangle with Kristina and Danielle L., aka D.Lo. Not that I’m picking sides here, but can D.Lo please not be a thing? The name, not her. She seems great. The name on the other hand just makes it seem like she’s trying to be J.Lo, and I can’t handle it.

Now, back to Dean. He’s made everyone on Twitter pretty angry at his indecisiveness.
But I have to ask the question: Why should Dean have to choose when he’s only known these two women for about a week? I know everyone likes to believe in soul mates and love at first sight and all that beautiful bullshit, but Dean hasn’t even had enough time with either of these women to make a decision about either of them. That’s like asking the Bachelor to pick one girl after a week. Six weeks is quick enough for goodness sake! Give the man a little time to get to know these women.

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I don’t think Dean is a bad guy. He is just very, very confused about two bombshell women that he just met. And he’s reverting to acting like a child because he has no idea how to handle a situation like this, which makes me think he probably needs to date more before getting married.

Now, that being said, I don’t think it’s fair of him to hurt Kristina. I think his big party foul in this whole mess is that it’s coming across like he’s using Kristina just to get a rose, and if that’s the case, not cool. Also this moment… this moment was just embarrassing.

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Do you think Dean is just a confused man trying to do what’s right or is he playing Kristina?

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