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Chrissy Teigen’s Got Big Travel Plans for Baby Luna (& Any Future Babies)

If there are two things Chrissy Teigen loves, they’re food and Twitter. Case in point:

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If there’s another thing Chrissy Teigen loves, it’s travel. After over a decade of globetrotting, she’s pretty much an expert on the best destinations in the world to relax while stuffing your face with incredible food. And good news for he baby: Teigen plans to take Luna all over the world with her — even if that means making some slight adjustments to what is considered a “romantic vacation.”

While Teigen has visited pretty much every beautiful beach in the world, she’s saving some other exotic locales just for Luna. We spoke to the model-turned-TV-and-Twitter-personality about her wanderlust, and how she’s had to adjust with a baby in tow.

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“I feel like there are a lot of places we want to go now that we’re just waiting for her to get a little bit older for,” she told SheKnows. “For instance, we want to go to Kenya on a safari [or] South Africa once she learns all her animals. I want to take her to Thailand because obviously my mother’s from Thailand and I want her to visit her roots.”

“For now we’ve kind of been combining the romantic destinations with these family-friendly places, and it’s been an adventure because the most romantic places are the opposite of baby-friendly,” she explained.

With a little luck, pretty soon she may have a second baby in tow — she recently revealed to Cosmo that she’s gearing up to start IVF again and have another baby.

Despite her frequent-flier miles, there are actually a few places Teigen hasn’t been yet. “I’ve never been to Fiji or Tahiti,” she told SheKnows. “I think I was booked for a Sports Illustrated shoot out there and it ended up changing last minute, probably to a different fantastic amazing location. It’s obviously a hot spot. A lot of people have been there. I see photos in travel magazines of underwater restaurants, and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Us too. Maybe she’ll let us tag along. No?

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As any parent can tell you, getting sand off a squirmy toddler is not the most fun way to spend what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation, so perhaps another destination would be more fun for everybody. Teigen agrees.

“I’m not, like, the biggest beach person, but I really love cabins and I love being in the mountains,” she told SheKnows. “There’s an Almont Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that’s supposed to be incredible in the wintertime or this resort in Utah in the canyons […] that are supposed to be amazing. Just red canyons all around you. Those are the kind of vacations that I really get excited for because I’m very spoiled that I’ve been to so many different beautiful beaches; I love seeing a woodsier atmosphere.”

And keep your eyes peeled, because you might just run into Teigen and her hubby John Legend on your next road trip. “I tell John I want to do an Americana tour! I want to get on an RV and I wanna see the Grand Canyon. I want to see everything! Those are the kinds of things that are aspirational to me.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d totally freak out if I pulled off the highway to pee at a rest stop and those two popped out of a camper next to me.

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If you need help planning your next vacay, Teigen can help. She’s building three different itineraries for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders: Fun with Baby in Tow, Romantic Getaway and Living Like a Local Visiting Your Favorite City. The full itineraries will be available to cardholders later this year; in the meantime, they can enjoy Sapphire Sundays planned by the star.

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